Beat a Tough Market With These Rental Property Marketing Techniques

Beat a Tough Market With These Rental Property Marketing Techniques

Pristine quartz countertops, freshly cleaned carpeting, and snow-white walls fill your rental home. You're now ready to start generating rental income from this beauty. No one's showing interest in renting it, though.

Research shows that more than 46% of vacant rental properties in 2022 remained empty for up to two months. Nearly 6% were empty for at least two years.

Tenants aren't going to line up for your property in a competitive rental market like Fairfield or Napa. You must invest in property marketing to get tenants. Let's explore the best real estate marketing methods.

Rental Home "For Rent" Sign

An effective property advertising method is posting a "for rent" sign in your rental property's yard. This seemingly old-fashioned technique still works. It's also cost-effective.

Rent signs can attract attention from walking locals and area traffic. The inquiries that signs can drive are usually from prospective tenants who are familiar with the area and want to relocate soon. People who may not be looking for a place to rent could still share information about your property with family and friends who are.

Rental Home Online Listing

Sharing your vacancy online is an excellent way to give your property more exposure. Let's examine the best sites for listing your property.

Facebook Marketplace

Capitalize on Facebook's extensive user base by adding your property to Facebook Marketplace. It's among the biggest listing sites. Creating a listing on Facebook Marketplace is free, but you can create a sponsored post to expand its reach.


Craigslist isn't obsolete. It's still getting several million views monthly, with many visiting the site's property listing web pages. Post your property on Craigslist if you're looking for an effective and free way to let prospective tenants see your home.


This site lets potential tenants search for homes based on their top rental criteria. You can also list a minimum credit score for your applicants. It makes finding tenants and landlords convenient.

Property investors like Zumper since posting on the site is free. Any listing added to Zumper also goes to Facebook Marketplace and PadMapper automatically.

Rental Home Open House

Hosting an open house can be an effective way to spark interest in your property. You'll get to meet potential tenants in person. You also won't have to schedule multiple individual viewings with interested parties.

Add your upcoming open house's date and time to your "for rent" sign to make your sign doubly effective. Post your open house information on the above-listed websites so more people know about it.

Get Help With Property Marketing

The best property marketing methods include posting a "for rent" sign outside your property. Host an open house to encourage people to view the home and sign a lease. Zumper, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace listings might also help you find the right tenant.

PMI Northbay can help you market your property. We're also well-versed in property management, including rent collection and maintenance.

We can even perform a complimentary rental analysis to give you the best landlord advice for pricing your property. Request one today!