Discover the Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investing in Fairfield, CA

Discover the Best Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investing in Fairfield, CA

In 2024, Fairfield will be the second most popular city in Solano County, CA, which shows it's a popular place for investors and homeowners alike.

Knowing the most coveted neighborhoods in the city is essential for investors because you want a great ROI and a steady stream of applicants. But if you're unfamiliar with this area, you could buy a rental in the wrong place.

If you're worried about making a poor investment, you've come to the right place. Here's everything to know about real estate investing in Fairfield, CA.

Green Valley

When you Google "best neighborhoods Fairfield", Green Valley will appear at the top of the list. As the idyllic name suggests, this neighborhood is renowned for being nestled in the rolling hills, giving residents a slower pace of life. It's also a stone's throw from Napa Valley, making it a potentially great vacation rental.


Anyone familiar with the Fairfield property market knows Cordelia is a great choice. Tenants love that it has connections to major transportation routes and desirable amenities. Depending on your budget, there's also a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

Paradise Valley

If you're set on investing in Fairfield, CA, check out Paradise Valley. This up-and-coming neighborhood has fantastic public schools, making it ideal for families. There are also plenty of options for outdoorsy types, such as Paradise Valley's Open Space and its hiking trails.

Suisun City

One of the top real estate Fairfield tips is choosing somewhere quiet where tenants can escape the hustle and bustle. Suisun City comes to mind as it offers residents a peaceful environment without being far from city life. It's also popular because of its wineries and open spaces, great for families with little ones.

Mankas Corner

Mankas Corner is another great opportunity for those interested in property investment Fairfield. This charming neighborhood gives residents views of the incredible vineyards surrounding it. It's a great location for vacation rentals as close to Vezer Family Vineyard, where you can find buzzing events throughout the year.


Tolenas is an attractive neighborhood, thanks to a mix of older and newer properties. You'll attract applicants as it's close to schools, green spaces, and shopping centers. This makes it convenient for young families and professionals. The key is to shop around for properties within your budget and see which will be the most desirable for prospective tenants.

Gold Ridge

Last but not least is Gold Ridge. It's the newest neighborhood on the list, so you can expect a wealth of modern homes. Although it's great for those who love the outdoors, it's near amenities like shopping centers. Because of this, it's convenient.

The Best Fairfield Neighborhoods for Real Estate Investing

Now that you know the best neighborhoods for real estate investing, it's time to start your search.

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